Hello, I’m Perrie, creator and writer of Ditsy Halo, an inspirational lifestyle blog. A running theme in this blog will be about how our inner experiences shape all our visible experiences and endeavours in life. I will be writing about topics such as motherhood and songwriting which is a passion of mine. You will also find blog posts on lifestyle topics such as plant based eating, travel, and Law of Attraction based spirituality.


I am blessed to be a mum of two gorgeous and certainly spirited children. Motherhood has had its ups and downs as with anything in life but being a conscious and present parent is one of my biggest life lessons and one I continue to practice (and let’s be honest sometimes fail at, with my two amazing souls Dylan and Neeve).


I love being a behind the scenes songwriter creating songs which I imagine for other artists to sing. Last year I entered 6 songs into the lyrics only category of the UK Songwriting contest; my first time entering. Two made the Semi Finals and two gained other recognition, namely higher commended entry and Special Mention Award. I have recently started a songwriting series on my Instagram page where I share lyric visuals and story highlights for the songs I have written. If you enjoy songs and the writing process or are a complete beginner at it like me and would like to connect then I would appreciate it very much if you follow my page and view the lyric visuals and songwriting story highlights.

It doesn’t matter whether we are parenting, writing, sorting laundry or simply waiting…having a crisis, making music or saving the world…the purpose is to be the light and bring the light in it all. – inspired by Light is the new black by Rebecca Campbell.

Plant based eating

I was brought up completely vegetarian – Lacto Ovarian to be specific and this is the way I have eaten my whole life. Whilst I can’t claim to be 100 per cent vegan plant based I’m trying to do my bit by following an 80/20 rule. I love vegan and plant based foods and finding inspiration on new ways of consciously eating, with the aim to eat this way 80 per cent of the time.


I was brought up in a Hindu family where religion and culture were high priorities and my mum had me reciting Sanskrit mantras in the womb, a long time before it became trendy in Yoga studios and on social media. I do however absolutely love the new age spiritual movement and felt like it was meant to be all along as so many people awakening and sharing their understanding, I believe is serving to heal the world. We are living in incredible times. I am a bit of a boho Crystal wearing, astrology loving ethereal kind of girl so expect to see plenty of content on this blog about moons, spirituality and the Universe.


Email: ditsyhalo@hotmail.com

Instagram @ditsy_halo

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